Our Services

Knowetic focusses on business strategy & marketing for retail brands & start-ups. 

Brand Core

A strong brand core is the foundation for a brand's identity and all it's marketing activities and customer touchpoints. We help you in identifying & building your Brand Core. Brand Core services also cover Brand Identity & Logo Design.

Digital Marketing

Knowetic will suggest digital marketing strategies and also implement them for you to optimise your reach and marketing ROI. We offer solutions for all search and social media marketing platforms.

Business Strategy

Knowetic Specialises in helping you plot your business strategy. During the pandemic we have focussed on helping brand recast their business strategy and approach for turnaround & adapting to #thenewnormal

Business Intelligence

Knowetic has a strong focus on ROI and hence data led business decisions is our approach. We work with specialists in the field to help you gather and anlayse your data; and suggest a meaningful action plan for growth 

Digital Transformation

Knowetic will help you create and implement a digitally agile organisation. With customers increasingly engaging with brands and shopping online, its critical to get the right digital touch points & solutions.  

Loyalty Marketing

Knowetic strongly endorses the old adage that a loyal customer is more valuable than a new customer. We develop & manage customer loyalty programs to ensure ra higher lifetime value of your customer.