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A luxury chocolate, cakes and desserts café with a strong presence in Bangalore.


Smoor, like many F&B brands was adversely affected by the lockdown imposed due to the Covid pandemic. Knowetic was part of the core team that worked on the business survival and re-planning strategy.


Jermina of Knowetic was a key member of the digital transformation team that worked on the e-commerce enabled website upgrade for smoor.in. The website focused on ensuring a smoother UI/UX thereby enhancing the customer experience as also improving repeat customer visits & bill size. 


Jermina is also leading the Smoor sales on aggregator and marketplace platforms. With customers today ordering from a wide range of platforms, it was important to optimise the brand’s visibility, product range and availability across all such channels. For the aggregator business performance, we deep dived into the past sales trend to suggest data backed marketing opportunities for growth. Ensuring tight implementation of the suggested strategy helped us grow the business by 70% over pre Covid levels.


Jermina is also leading the foray onto marketplaces for the growth of the business. Ensuring the right mix of products for the national markets, the marketplaces will help Smoor reach a much wider audience at a lower cost per acquisition & delivery.


"I have known Jermina for over a decade and the one thing that makes her a stand out marketer is her pulse on the customer. She keenly observes them and keeps the customer at the centre of all marketing activity. From designing the product, to the communication and the final delivery. 


At Smoor, she has helped us understand our customer & their preferences using data and implemented meaningful changes across our delivery platforms to positively impact sales. She has also set the standards of performance for us to grow and continue building on."

- Vimal Sharma, CEO, Bliss Chocolates India Pvt. Ltd.