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About us

Knowetic is a business strategy and marketing consultancy that focuses on helping solve its client’s business challenges and delivering results with a positive ROI. We understand that each business is unique, its challenges are unique. We also understand that a business problem is not just about a department or a set of people, it’s about all parts working together, coming together and being part of the solution.

It's this understanding that we apply in what we call as "The Knowetic Approach". 

The Knowetic Approach focusses on understanding your business, its challenges, the industry it operates in & it's competitors. We identify the problem and suggest strategies to overcome them. We also help you implement these solutions with a targeted outcome.


Knowetic is helmed by Jermina Menon, a retail industry marketing specialist with over 25years of experience.  In her retail career, Jermina has worked directly and indirectly with many brands, getting them success and recognition. In retail, her experience covers all aspects of retail, from brick & mortar chain stores to shopping centres and e-commerce platforms. This unique experience gives her the edge in understanding the retail business holistically.

Jermina’s marketing experience covers  digital marketing, social media, e-commerce and loyalty marketing.

Jermina has worked with organisations like Reliance Retail (Reliance Vision Express), Virtuous Retail, Forum Malls. At the start of her career in advertising she has worked with Lintas and FCB Ulka handling a portfolio that included marquee brands like Tanishq, Sunfeast biscuits, Candyman and Mint-O.

Jermina has won many industry recognitions and awards; Some of the key ones are 

  •  Top 50 Retail Minds at the Asia Retail & Shopping Centre Congress 2019 & 2020 (2 years in a row)

  •  LinkedIn Content 50 List for 2018 Powered by Paul Writer.

  •  Top Content Marketers 2017 at Paul Writer Adobe Digi 100.

  •  50 most Talented Retail Professionals at the Asia Retail Congress 2014.

Jermina shares her learning in experience with students during her guest lectures to students of leading B-schools in India & other platforms.  

To know more about Jermina Menon, connect at

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
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