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20 words & terms that defined 2020.

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The most significant year of this century.

  1. Agility The year when Agility mattered the most.. Proving the old adage true that a ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’.

  2. Innovation: The key to 2020

  3. Digital Transformation: The year that digital truly became digital; and not just something one did for the sake of having a digital presence

  4. Creativity: New Products. New Packaging. New Solutions.

  5. E-commerce: A 10 year growth in just 6 months! Doubling the online customer base. 2020 the year which will be known as the inflection point for e-commerce.

  6. Social Commerce: If e-commerce is threatened, it's only by social commerce. Nascent now, forecasted to be the game changer in retail.

  7. D2C: Maturing of e-commerce with brands going organic with their own digital channels.

  8. OTT: The 'e-commerce' of the entertainment industry. 2020 will become the inflection point of this industry too.

  9. Zoom: The year that 'zoom' became a verb! Did not matter if you were actually actually attending a 'Zoom' meeting over WebEx, Google Meet & Microsoft Teams.

  10. Video Call Dressing: A new category of apparel created by Zoom calls. Waist top dressing is another term for it.

  11. Contactless Service: Paradoxically, getting closer to your customer was only possible through contactless transactions.

  12. Customer Centricity: The year it became critical and was no longer optional.

  13. Health: For oneself. For one's customers. For every aspect of life.

  14. Immunity: The year it became the most important attribute of almost every product & brand. From food to apparel to oral care to........well almost every category.

  15. Fitness: No longer a goal for just 1st January of each year.

  16. Pivoting Your Business: If you still haven't pivoted your business, you probably do not exist any more.

  17. Logistics: With e-commerce & contactless ruling our shopping behaviour, logistics played a key role in moving the wheels of the economy.

  18. Sustainability: No longer a CSR activity. It's now a way of life & living. Our survival now depends on how sustainable we continue to be.

  19. Vocal for Local: The year when nations understood why their national & local economies matter. The only way to support artisans and small businesses.

  20. Gratitude: The first and the last word that made 2020 the year that it was. A big Thank you to those who helped us into existence this year. Grateful to our clients Smoor & Onnivation.

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